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Welcome, searching for storm chasing tours that are solely focused on your experience, have a high success rate, and are guided by a knowledgeable storm chaser and atmospheric modeler? If so, look no further. 

I offer storm chasing holidays and vacations different from most others. I provide all the equipment and experience to get you safely to the storm and back, but you drive your own vehicle. Why do I make the tours different from so many others? It allows me to make your tour less expensive and more personal.

Your Private Tour Guide

The tours are designed to be more personal and flexible to find you the weather experience you've been waiting for. With me as your tour guide your storm chasing tour will:

  • Focus on what you want to see
  • Help you learn to chase
  • Bring the people you want along
  • It's completely up to you!
If you want to see hail, I focus on finding you hail. If you want to photograph lightning, I'll tune the experience to get you that shot. As always, your tour can guide you to that tornado you've been waiting to experience.

This tour is great for small groups, photographers, and film crews.

An MU survey conducted of five storm chasing tour groups found only 35% of customers observed a tornado.
tornado intercept success rate is more than 2X greater.
Read the customer [reviews] & [blog].

Ready to go Storm Chasing?

If you're thinking of booking your storm chasing experience with Mr. Edmonds then don't hesitate.
    -Simon P. (U.K.)

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Storm Chasing Holidays / Tours - Wedge Tornado

"...we seemed to be one step ahead of all three of the Discovery Channel teams..."

-Richard D. (USA)